Kristin Sheehan Psychotherapy - Case Study

Kristin Sheehan - Live SiteGerri Ezeocha K.Sheehan Case study
What Was Done:

I engaged in a creative planning and design process, followed by a Webflow website build and launch. This approach allowed me to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets all of my client's needs.

The Client:

Kristin Sheehan is a licensed EMDR and Somatic Psychotherapist who offers her services to the Los Angeles area through teletherapy. Our collaboration was based on a shared understanding of her values and the needs of her potential clients. Our common goal was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that reflects the ethos of her practice.
Kristin's desire was to launch a new website for her private practice in the spring of 2023. To achieve this goal, we worked together to create an aesthetically pleasing interface that caters to both her preferences and the interests of her clients. Our design approach focused on combining functionality and beauty to create a website that is both visually appealing and easy to use.

The Brief:

Collaborating with Kristin on her virtual therapy practice website project was a fantastic experience. Our goal for the project was to create an engaging website that provides an exceptional experience for her existing and potential clients. The website design aimed to reflect Kristin's unique approach to therapy and facilitate the growth of her practice.
Our design approach was centered around creating a website that captures the essence of Kristin's practice and values, while also providing a user-friendly experience for her clients. By combining her vision with my insights, we were able to create a website that not only looks great but also functions flawlessly, providing a seamless experience for visitors. Overall, it was a pleasure working with Kristin to bring her vision to life, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact it has on her practice.

My Role:

Creative Planning, UX/UI Research, UI Design, Webflow Web Development

Tools Used:
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Figma - Vision Board, UI/UX Design
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Webflow - Website Development and Hosting
Project execution Process

To ensure the successful execution of the project, I organized the process into four distinct phases, each with its own set of schedules and deliverables. The following is an overview of the steps I took to complete the project:

1. Strategy & Research

In this phase, I had several meetings with the client to discuss the project's creative direction and strategy. I generated several moodboards and we worked together to explore and finalize the necessary assets, typography, and color palettes for the project.

Gerri Ezeocha -Chicago Designer- K.Sheehan Case study
2. Plan

I conducted a competitive audit of other therapists and discussed the findings with the client. Then, I walked the client through the sitemaps and the barebones of the website structure. This helped us to plan the project's design and development with a clear vision in mind.

Gerri Ezeocha - Chicago Designer- K.Sheehan Case studyGerri Ezeocha - Chicago Designer- K.Sheehan Case study
3. Design

I created high-resolution designs and prototypes for this website project. I collaborated and iterated the design with the client until the final design was achieved.

Gerri Ezeocha - Chicago Designer- K.Sheehan Case study
4. Build & Deliver

In the final phase, I built the website on using the finalized design and assets. I conducted thorough testing to ensure that the website was functioning optimally. I also transferred the domain name and launched the website ( to deliver the final product to the client.

Gerri Ezeocha - Kristin Sheehan Design
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