... More About Me

I live and work full-time in Chicago, which has afforded me different opportunities and challenges.
With these varied experiences, the right mindset and tools, I have learned to contextually
understand problems and be in positions to produce and implement valuable solutions.
Whether that was working in a photography studio, in a restaurant or in a private practice.
All, have paved my journey, and continues to shape me as a Designer.

Overall, I'm driven by a love for people, and I know that understanding them adds value to my work
even before I begin. So this entails that every part of my approach and process aims to reflects this.
Making sure that all visual and functional design solutions includes the simplicity, transparency
and intentionality that allows for others to easily understand, use and enjoy it.

Have a question? Want to say Hi? Please send me a message, I would 💛 to connect!

What else I like to do

Time with Family & Friends
Reading Books
Exploring & Learning History
Cheering on Chelsea F.C
I'm currently available for new projects
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"People ignore Design that ignore people"
Frank Chimero
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