Gabtics LLC - Case Study

Gabtics - Live Site
What Was Done:

A comprehensive project to redesign and visually update Gabtics LLC's website, with the aim of enhancing their web presence, improving the information architecture, and creating a polished overall look.

The Client:

Gabtics LLC is a reputable Information Security and Media Solutions company. Their website,, serves as an informational platform that offers detailed information about the company. It showcases their services, certifications, testimonials, and contact information. Gabtics takes pride in presenting their unique ownership structure and the high quality they bring to their clients, projects, and employees.

The Brief:

Excited to tackle the challenge, I received a brief from Gabtics to visually update the website, improve the site map, and restructure the content on The business owners desired a website that effectively communicates their mission, highlights their services, and showcases the impact of their work. Additionally, they wanted the messaging component and job listings to be simplified for improved user experience.Taking these goals into consideration, our team embarked on transforming into a visually appealing, user-friendly, and informative online presence for Gabtics LLC.

My Role:

UI/UX Research, UI Design, Web Development

Tools Used:
Figma Icon
Figma - UI Design, UX Research, Logo Redesign
webflow icon
Webflow - Website Development and Hosting
What the old website looked Like
The Approach:

To ensure my work met industry standards while maintaining a unique feel, I conducted visual and content research on other information security and media consulting companies.

Steps and Components of Execution:

Logo Update: In collaboration with Gabtics LLC, we agreed to update the color scheme and make minor changes to the logo's elements, creating a more polished and prominent look.

Pages Restructure: I implemented a new site map restructuring the content into multiple pages, which allowed better storytelling and clarity for clients and potential applicants. We also created a careers page specifically for job listings.

New Mission Statement: Highlighted Gabtics LLC's prominent mission statement to visitors on the website, expressing their purpose and goals.

Site Navigation: Improved the site navigation and information architecture by refining the main menu and footer sections, thereby facilitating easy navigation for users.

Icon Design: A fitting icon was created to be used as a branding or identity asset across web platforms.

The Results:

After comprehensive diligence on implementation, I delivered a beautiful, responsive, and fully functional website that truly reflects Gabtics LLC's brand identity to their clients, applicants and audience.

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